Goat Attack

Probably the best game involving goats and shotguns!

Catch the coin

Goat Attack is a multiplayer 2D platformer pixel art shooter game for Linux, OS X and Windows. You can play it in a local network or over the Internet. Six gameplay modes are supported:


Game play

Play in free for all or in team modes. Pick up grenades, bombs and throw them. Be aware not killing yourself. In some maps, you will find a frog. Pick it up und throw it against your opponents, but do not touch it. If you find a helmet, wear it. This helmet will protect you from damage.


Play Goat Attack on all common platforms: Linux, OS X and Windows.


Create your own dedicated game server. If your server has own map packages, a connecting client will download these packages automatically.

Map editor

Create your own maps based on existing or created tilesets. If done, create a Goat Attack package and publish it with your own dedicated server.


Your dedicated server will create detailed log entries depending on each action. These log files can be easily used to create game play statistics and reports.


Game play

Deathmatch Capture the flag Team deathmatch Catch the coin Speed race Goat of the hill

Map editor

Map editor 1 Map editor 2